If you don’t use it…

You’ll lose it. Your brain that is.

Before I launch in to a huge rant, I want to shout that I bought a Romanesco Cauliflower. It’s all fractaly and cool, I can’t wait for The Hellions to see it.

OK I would like to rant and maybe offer a small amount of advice.

Some people don’t like comments on there work demanding a pattern, you know “pattern?” not even a please, I don’t mind “pattern please” or similar (it IS what I do after all), I don’t like it when the picture in question HAS A LINK TO THE PATTERN PAGE or there is a link in the first comment (as is more usual theses days). Use your brain, read the description on the photo, look at the comments, do not expect things to be handed to you on a plate even mentally.

On a side note with this one, if an item is in a album called “patterns” and the photo contains links, and is priced at £1.50, the chances of this being a finished object for sale is slim, I am a business not a charity.

Next; I see this a lot on Ravelry, “Is there a pattern for this jumper?” and it will be a picture taken from a website selling the finished jumper (OK for hundreds of pounds), look for it, simple, in this here modern age with the wonders of the Ravelry pattern database we can find most patterns in a matter of minuets. Just to prove this, most of the threads I see like that include one comment that has a link to a Ravelry search with twenty pages of similar jumpers just using one word in the search box. There is also the chance that you will find something you like more.

I hate this one with a passion; “Where can I find this pattern?” This is again a resounding “LOOK FOR IT”. OK I admit not every one knows about my favourite game, GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH, I use it all the time to see if people have been talking about my patterns. See that little camera? if you click that you can upload a photo and search for it, you do get some interesting “similar” photos but mostly you get what you are looking for like this search. If you don’t get a little camera google “google image search” .

I know this sounds like I think asking for help is wrong and lazy but that’s not where I am going with this, after all how can wee be expected to know something without being told, the rant is more aimed at the “don’t try firsts” imagine if as a child you had never tried to tie your shoes by yourself and just asked for help, you would never be able to tie your shoes, EVER. Trying and failing and asking are all part of learning, but if you ask (and get) others to do before you try you’ll never get that smug glow that “you did it”

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4 thoughts on “If you don’t use it…

  1. That is one cool cauliflower – never have seen one like that before. I really dislike repeating myself when I get asked something in a comment that is already clearly answered in a post, and I don't google for people anymore. It's not that I don't want to help someone but the 2 seconds I spend googling for them can be done themselves if they are that interested in knowing the answer and I could be using that time to design or crochet! 🙂 I think it probably bothers me more because I do admin several pages and it gets old fast.


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