Playing dress up

Or cosplay as the adults call it.

Last week was Halloween and on Saturday Crochet Widower and I went to a Halloween party at Hooker Ellen’s house, this lead to a charity night at a local pub where Crochet Widower won best male costume and you can see why

I love costumes, I always have, my mum says that I don’t have a wardrobe I have a dressing up box. This I feel is rather unfair as she started it, that’s me with the legs. my mum always made the best costumes, weather it was for a school play, Halloween, or because it was Wednesday (I think she made the other costume in this picture too).

Even in every day life I was encouraged to dress as I wanted, usually with less than flattering consequences.

The best costume I have ever worn was Poison Ivy, I made the corset myself and have reused it many times over the years (It was covered in leather when I was a cenobite, blue for Malice in wonderland, and lime green for the Joker). The corset itself was a breeze and very straight forward, painting glitter on the plastic ivy leaves and sewing each individual one on to the corset, not so much.

In recent years The Hookers and I have aimed for a theme of sorts to narrow down the costume choices, this year was broken dolls (we have had twisted fairy tales, Malice in underland and the like, and comic book villeins, I was The Joker). This year was my first all crochet costume and I wasn’t as happy as I could have been, but that might just be my unhealthy need for perfection.

This year I am struggling, usually by the end of the night I have almost settled on next years costume but as my middle aged body has yet to settle in but I no longer have a teenage body I’m at a loss (feel free to offer suggestions). I did see an amazing Ursula and I could pull that off but I like to put a twist on these things, so for the next eleven months I will be googeling away looking for ideas. One ideas is Zombie Hookers, with various hook related deaths.

Fallen angel 

Baby Bro, he made this all by himself 
sad starwars comment


Are you Joking me
Harley Quinn
Riddle me this 

Baby Bro’s packman costume melted

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