Asking questions

Firstly Sorry I was absent last week, what with chicken pox and half term I simply couldn’t sit down for five minutes.

So today I would like to talk about asking questions and how it’s a good thing.

My favourite question is “WHY?” I ask it a lot, the problem with why? is that people can assume you are judging them and asking the to justify their decisions, if that is what you are doing then just keep it to your self, but I genuinely want to understand why decisions are made and how things work and usually when I actually get answers it ends with “ahhhhh” when I understand.

The Hellions ask why all the time too. “eat your tea” “why?” “brush your teeth” “why?” “don’t play in the kitchen” “why?” “stop asking why” “why?”, it would not be as annoying if you didn’t have to answer the same “why?” 1000 times before the answer stuck.

BUT how are we to know anything if we don’t ask questions? 

When making a top down hat WHY do you start with 6 SC, or 8 HDC, or 12 DC? That is an important question, it’s questions like that that help you on the road to grand, unique designs. Keep asking why the entire time you follow a pattern if it’s one of mine you can ask me.

Imagine if no one had ever asked why apples fall out of trees, why lightening can burn a tree, or why shouldn’t women be able to vote and have a say in how the country is run. Think about the things you don’t understand, the behaviours that confuse you, and ask WHY? out loud, as often as you can, Einstein did, Newton did,  Curie did and as she said “be less curious about people and more curious about ideas”.

Who is a good question “who painted that pink eye on the side of that building?” but why is better “why is it crying?”

Also, ask why to preconceived ideas, even your own, just asking could change the way you think.
“that person is not as important as me?” why?

“it’s no use even trying” WHY?
“no one will read my blog” why?
“I’m not important enough” WHY?
“real mum bla bla bla” why
“it is wrong for them to be in love” WHY?

I ask why all the time, so it sometimes alienates me but I know why so that’s OK, knowing why bread rises and the importance of kneeding made me a better baker, knowing why you have to tell kids to do the same task over and over made me a better parent, know why Crochet Widower can’t make a decision stops me killing him when he says “whatever”, knowing why increases make lumps and decreases make dips helped me make this blanket

Ask why and when people expect you to just know, ask it louder 


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