Prejudice and discrimination

We all know about the knit/crochet feud that has been going on for years, we also know I get rather vocal when the BBC seem not to know or care that there is a difference and that crocheting granny squares is really not easy on knitting needles, and we have all heard stories if not experienced being told by “we don’t have any yarn for crochet” in a LYS (at least mine is amazing),  but today I would like to talk about the back bighting and snobbery IN THE CROMUNITY.
“You are holding your hook wrong”
The two main hook holds have been at war for years and whether pencil grip or knife grip there are people who think THEY have the only correct hold and any other is wrong. I have even heard people state that they hold their hook wrong! How, just how, does a person decide that the way they do a thing is the wrong way?
Now I have a hold that started out as knife grip and has progressed over the years to a ham fisted “I’m going to club you with the fat end of my hook” grip, I will tell you now that THIS is the best grip FOR ME. It does not matter how you hold your hook as long as you can hook for as long as you want to comfortable and you are relaxing.
“Acrylic is squeaky and cheep”
“Wool is scratchy and dull”
Now, come on, that’s just silly. Next time you are in your LYS don’t look at the bands just look at the yarn, give it a stroke, do you like it? NOW look at the band chances are it’s not the fibre you thought. What with all the advances in manufacture there are luxury acrylics that are so light and frothy you just want to rub them on your cheek all day, and wools with colours so bright I’D have them for personal use, not to mention super wash wool.
My personal preference is cotton, and non mercerised at that, though the bright colours are tricky to get hold of with non mercerised cotton they do exist. Mostly I just buy what I like without looking at fibre content, this did lead to issues when I was felting an item it turns out the 100% wool was super wash so had a lovely wash but did not felt. All yarns are good, all yarns have a place, all yarns are needed.
“Baby clothes are boring and old fashioned”
“Amigurumi is pointless, why not make something useful”
Yes I have actually seen those phrases used on Ravelry, you would think stitchers would have a little respect for others art.  It does not matter if you like someone’s FO, if you are going to comment on the stitch work not matters of personal taste.
I personally am not a fan of layette sets and baby blankets or really many baby things at all, but when I see a frilly lacy cardigan crocheted with lace weight yarn with many many stitch patterns and layers I am in awe of the skill and patience involved.

In summation (because I can use words like summation) as crafters we have enough to contend with when faced with the “hand made is cheap” brigade without bickering amongst ourselves, stitch with pride, and remember “If you get what you aimed for yey you, if not it’s art”   

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