Confusion and delay

Hello again,

I had an odd experiance a couple of weeks ago and fully intended to blog about it streight awa but I got distracted by all the free time and nature going on. So let me tell you a tale of intreague and misdirection.

 I recieved a comment on the page for the ponytale hat saying how lovely it is and that it had been mentioned in a uk crochet patterns blog post

As you can see it is there, directing me to lp crochet, so off I go on the great hat hunt. Could I find the post? could I heckers like. I have looked at EVERY post On LP crochet and as much fun as that was I wanted to know what was said about my hat, I love hearing people opinions of my work (yes even the bad stuff).
I gave in and messaged both bloggers and after much toing and froing I found it.
Hmmmm, this was a longer and more interesting blog in my head. It does, however, lead me to a problem that I’m sure, if you have a blog or even a facebook page you have encountered.

Now I love to share, I think that if you see or hear something you like you should tell people about it. But what do you do, in the crafty community, about telling people you have shared their stuff? Facebook does not notify you if someone shares your post or picture but you can “like” it and THAT will send a notification then the designer/creator will see that it’s been shared. But what about links and blog shares? is it “done” to comment that you have shared something?
As I have mentioned before I like playing with google image search, I have found blog posts mentioning my designs, pintrest pins (but not all), and one page featuring the Unhappy bunnies that has something to do with computers, I’m not really sure what is going on but a post I made on a facebook page is on the monitor in a picture. Now, not everyone has the time/energy/inclination to play google images all day and it doesn’t find all of the matching images (not to mention it finds all of your own posts too) so what is a girl to do? If I have a “look at this amazing stuff” blog day do I message the people who’s stuff I’m sharing? or just hope they notice?
The trials of the technological age, where word of mouth is actually word of key-bored and you are sharing things from different time-zones, but spell checker still doesn’t accept blog as a word  


9 thoughts on “Confusion and delay

  1. I am (right now) adding my old blogger blog to word press (badly, with swearing) I like the idea of the internet (not bloggers) saying “you have been shared”, I only found your blog because you had shared mine, and I like to pop by and say thank you and poke around a bit. but the internet will probably never do what I want it to, and I lack the skills to make it



  2. First of all, my gadget up top says we’re not following you on WordPress (we are on FB) so have remedied that! Next, in answer to your question, the way we can tell we’re being linked to is by our stats pages telling us where people are coming in from (and that’s how others tell we’re sending people to them). We honestly don’t mind if people don’t tell us that they’ve linked to us. Doesn’t matter to us at all and we don’t expect anyone to let us know either. We think that perhaps there’s a lot of time involved in that? I think that’s pretty normal too. As long as credits are correct and people are honest, it’s cool, especially as we send 90% of our traffic to other people’s blogs. We’ve never posted a single thing without multiple credits and the only time someone whinged to us was because they misunderstood how sharing and reblogging works. Our whole aim is to act as a directory and we’d hate to think we’d upset anyone xx


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