A walk on the wiled side

If you follow me on facebook you will know that with the commencement of nursery for Geek Girl I have decided to go for a log walk once a week, I set myself the challenge of walking to Spike Island home of the catalyst) and back. I thought it was about a 16 mile round trip, no problem or a woman that never learned to drive. On Wednesday last week after “putting” The Hellions in school at 9.45 off I went.

On passing this sign at 10.05 I worked out that my average speed was about 4 miles an hour, splendid I would be on the return trip by 12.

 The thing about walking is that you find/notice things you might otherwise have missed, like this memorial forest. I have lived in the area for many lots of years and had no idea this place existed, I love the idea and have thoughts along these lines many times. It was a lovely stretch of the trans Pennine trail, and a lovely well thought out idea.

Most of the walk took me along the Manchester Ship canal, the nature along the walk is astounding and plentiful but rather than the abundance of elder berrys and rose hips my eye was caught by this barge. My initial reaction was “awww, what a shame” but the I was struck by the beauty of nature reclaiming an unwanted thing.

“AS I wandered weak and weary, I passed a sight so bleak and dreary” OK that’s enough poe ish ness for one blog, I have to say that the stretch of the walk that passes behind teh power station is the single most boring stretch or path in the world, and it’s Looooooooong

 But it does contain secerate tunnles by all accounts 
Every one likes a smile

I reached Spike island at 12.05, sat down to post on facebook and turned around and went back home….
I realised by the time I was back in Warrington that things were not going to plan, my legs were really feeling the strain, my left hip was rather sore and my left knee was hurting from compensating for the hip. What was going on? I was only on about ten miles, surly I am not THAT out of shape. I eventually admitted defeat and called Crochet Widower to come and collect me TWO MILES FROM HOME, I simply could not walk any further. Once home with cup of tea in hand and Crochet Widowers fluffy coat on (sitting in the car waiting for The Clone to come out of school had made my damp clothes rather cold) I cried, I felt so silly for thinking I could do it, I have never overestimated my abilities before, sure some things I have needed to push to achieve but I DO NOT FAILED.
Hang on

Wait a minuet

Stop the press

I was not partaking on a sixteen mile walk and failing at fourteen, I was trying to walk TWENTY miles and managed to walk EIGHTEEN miles in just over six hours. 

I had not overestimated my walking prowess one little bit, I had walked two miles further than I planned, phew my opinion of me as super human is restored. I will, however, be cutting the walk short for a while. I will be walking about fourteen miles until that is easy breasy then adding two miles at a time. 


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