The best kept secret


The pressure to be perfect is astounding, in work, in looks, in attitude, in love, in lust,  in home decor, in parenting, the whole shooting match.

I shall address each issue as it applies to my current life in the hopes that more people will admit to not being perfect, people need to embrace their imperfections, after all champaigne only has bubbles because of imperfection in the glass.

In work
Now the aspect of life I see as work changes depending on what needs to be done.
 Sometimes it is pattern writing where the slightest type-o will get you a million complaints, looking at the same text on the same page for five hours at a time will make you see what you THINK is there, but compliments are thin on the ground, this is not a reflection of the designers work it is simply easier for most people to complain, more projects on Ravelry would be nice though.
 Other times it is the house work, as a SAHM aside from the day to day dishes, laundry, picking up things one Hellion or another has simply dropped, there are things like the eviction of dust bunnies from under beds, working out how to remove felt tip pen from the white leather dining room chairs this is a work in progress but chances are as soon as I have finished a task someone is making a mess behind me, so yes I will sit and crochet with a floor full of dressing up clothes or jigsaws JUST LIKE YOU.

In looks
Lucky for me this has never been one to bother me, though I have had some issues recently.
I am five foot two AND A QUARTER, I weigh thirteen stone five for now, I wear glasses, I am ginger well orange just now, I am top heavy, and I am a bit spotty. And here is the thing Crochet Widower thought I was this shape all those years ago when I was a skinny minny so he doesn’t care what size I am, I look in the mirror when I get out of the bath and I see a thirty six year old mother of two with the best c section scar in the world my belly smiles.

In attitude
Not sure what to say about this one, if you like it, if you love it, if you hate it, if you “meh” it, that is up to you

In love
I love Crochet Widower to bits, I truly do. But he collects stuff, like dismembered computers and things he had had since he was a child, in boxes, not being used, gathering dust. He has no concept of tidy, at all, there are things on every flat surface. He forgets to look after the children so I can get some work done, because he is looking at lol cats. His feet stink, I mean really bad, his socks are put in a bucket with a lid and hot washed now and again because if you put them in with the clothes all my clothes smell like feet.

In lust
Consenting adults

In home decor
It is your home, decorate it how you like, I personally aim to have everything covered in crochet just in time to be the crazy crochet lady down the road. 

In parenting 
Your kids will swear, spit, kick, punch, demand, complain, slam doors, refuse to eat meals then ask for crisps, ask why, say no, shout that they hate you, draw on the walls and chairs and each other, jump to the top bunk, lie, shout, scream, and any number of undesirable behaviours. The Hellions make me look good in public, I get lots of compliments on how well behaved they are when we are out at home though I regularly fantasize about opening the front door until they are out then locking it, I have locked myself in the bathroom because the tantrum of the day makes me want to shake the child.

“Every parent wants to throw their child out of the window now and again, the good ones don’t”

If we all admitted to not being perfect rather than treating life like a competition many many people would realise they are perfect at being themselves.



7 thoughts on “The best kept secret

  1. Many people do it in real life as well, watching every word they say, spending an hour getting ready to go and buy milk, putting makeup on to sit in the house all day


  2. I'm the farthest from perfect of anyone I know. But I know me best and it would be silly for me to pretend to be something I'm not. I'm learning to live with it and not worry so much about it and that makes me a happier person. It's funny because we forget sometimes too that what we see online about others is only what they want us to see – some are looking for attention as your more recent post described, some want to appear as if they are the perfect mom with the perfect kids and husband, living in a perfect world – they only post things that sound cool or awesome. Some only repost witty things they find elsewhere. So reminding ourselves that nobody is perfect every so often is a good thing.


  3. Start by not calling them imperfections, they are “quirks” or “isms” like an itchycrochet-ism is when you shout at yarn and your tablet computer for ten min writing a pattern, look at the clock and realise it's school pickup time and the breakfast dishes are still in the sink


  4. Love it! Honest to the core. I hate how people only share/brag about the good bits and try to make out all is perfect. Perfect isn't perfect. It's an ideal, it's all 'samey', it's boring! I feel the real beauty of people is being lost as people spend so much time obsessing about being perfect, they forget to be themselves. It's sad to see this happening to people and to society. Yet despite believing all of the above, I find myself doing it. I hate it but it seems to be part of me. Any ideas on how to embrace imperfections? I know I have hundreds but I know I could be a lot worse. I just need to learn to accept that before I've waste all my life away trying to gain this so called perfection.


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