Hints and tips

I have a bit of a problem with information, I tend to assume that if I know some thing EVERYONE knows it. I also go ahead and assume any new knowledge is new to everyone as well. With this in mind I will now attempt to pass on some hints and tips for a more harmonious crochet experience. Feel free to add to the list and ignore the ones that EVERYONE knows.

1) When working on a sculptured piece in the round or any piece with a pattern repeat over quite a few rows place a length of contrasting yarn at the beginning of important sections, that way if you need to frog you don’t have to keep moving the stitch marker/concentrate on which row you need to stop at.

2) Similarly when working in the round a long piece of contrasting yarn “flipped” back and to over the stitches as you work can save removing and replacing stitch markers particularly when working on small amis.

3) When working in the flat I keep track of my first and last stitch by remembering that the stitch is on the non hook side of the bar (see bad picture) this is how I keep my edges straight.

Click to see full size 

4) Read the pattern BEFORE you start work, just like you need to check the ingredients in a recipe before you start cooking checking you understand all the terms used before you start will save a lot of muttering later on.

There is no picture
with this tip

5) How do you learn? I like a written instruction, just the words, maybe bullet points. Some people like photographs of each stage of an instruction, others like to see the instruction in action. The beauty of the technological age is the we can google search videos and photos separately to help find the best explanation for us.

Still no photo
but I do have pretty

6) Post it notes, I can not stress how useful post it notes are. Place a post it note under the row you are working so prevent your eye from slipping, mark rows/repeats on the post it.

Ok I stole this one from For hooks sake

7) Ravelry, not only a great pattern database, there are a lot of designers that are members of Ravelry so you can contact them with questions, there are forums with helpful people ready to offer tips if you want them, and PROJECTS, lots and lots of projects, chances are someone has worked that pattern before and any problems you might have some one has already had them.

That is about it from me, but one last hint, craft is fun. Whether you knit, sew, crochet, tat, weave, bead, draw, paint, sculpt…. or anything else in the long list of crafts, if you are not enjoying it, put it aside and do something happier instead.


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