Last at bat

Or this hookers lifetime obsession come to fruition 

Last night I finally got to see Meatloaf and with the love of my life as well (don’t tell him I said that). A bit of backstory; The first real album I ever owned was Meatloaf and friends on cassette, my mum bought it for me   which in itself was special as my mum does not “do” record shops. I loved it, obviously Meatloaf was not new to me but I had only had borrowed albums before so being able to listen to this one album for as long as I wanted was a treat. And listen I did, that album was in my walkman for six months, the rest of Meatloaf’s discography followed (not all 121 albums but a lot of them). The world has moved on since then and so have I, I have an MP3 player, I no longer have to chose which tape to play I loaded the lot on there about a year ago and haven’t needed to change artists yet.

Last night I was in Manchester and so was Meat (‘because we are friends you see, first name terms), it was amazing, now the last time I was in the MEN was over twenty years ago so I had forgotten just how VAST the place is all though once everyone was in id did not feel big at all (and it was a tad warm), Meat and co came on stage to “when I’m 64” by the Beatles  and everyone sang along. The first act was a good mix of old and new(er) but it’s the second act we were all there for Bat out of hell in the original order, with excerpts from the documentary.

I am not ashamed to say I cried when Meat dedicated Heaven can wait, and all the way through For crying out loud. I sang so hard to Paradise by the dashboard light  that I pulled a muscle in my neck (it is “our” song after all), and the inflatable couple made me laugh. Obviously there was an inflatable bat but I was really tickled by the inflatable band during the encore.

It really is a good job I am not a professional reviewer because all I can really say is AMAZING, yes Meat is 65 and it shows (he has a very pronounced tremor) but Meat at 65 is not like normal folk at 65 and he belted out the tunes and entertained us (see) amazingly.

I started this post with the intention of giving a professional review but to be honest I can’t, I’m still star struck, I wasn’t this bad when I chatted to Robert Ranking about how it’s perfectly normal to get autographs dedicated to your cat I am also a little sad that that is it for live Meatloaf, but we do have a new album to look forward to in 2015. The Hellions are home so I’ll be off. TTFM 

3 thoughts on “Last at bat

  1. I'm not sure, he was V out of breath when talking, spent a lot of time sat down and the tremble was moving the mike so much we couldn't hear him towards the end. I wouldn't mind being proven wrong though.

    Rather looking forward to the new stuff I really like hang cool teddy bear


  2. I don't believe it'll be the last tour. I've been to two of his 'last ever' tours now so I live in hope since I had to miss this one.

    I'm glad he kicked ass. The day Meat Loaf stops rocking is the day I curl up in a ball and refuse to leave the house ever again.


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