Actual crochet talk

Hello, my name is ItchyCrochet and I promised talk about All things yarny and ended up talking about anything but, so, while Geek Girl is on a tram with Crochet Widower and The Clone is at school I’ll put some Billy Idol on, sing loudly and badly, and tell you all about Shelf Life and how she came to be.

I had the idea of making a realistic doll to sit on a shelf while I was in hospital overnight in January. I worked out her foot then got caught up in other things but all the while my brain was ticking over how to shape her, how to make her sit, what to dress her in. I did however over look one minor aspect…HER HEAD, while my team of amazing testers were getting stuck in I fell out with her head FOUR times, lucky for most of my testers they hadn’t made it that far but one tester had to put up with changes, and her head being sideways  and all the math and typing errors you could imagine.

Eventually I was happy, and even happier once I had made her first wig, I decided to make wigs rather than stitching hair as I went to make her changeable  the idea is that I will release the pattern for a nude Shelf Life and launch clothes and wigs separate with a name. This one the first one is Jane, a trendsetter from the 70s, with her wide legged trousers and short waistcoat. The trousers are not shaped like real trousers would be as Shelf Life never stands up. Her waistcoat is made using Mirror crochet, mirror crochet allows you to get the same look in a flat piece as you would in the round, so the trousers and waistcoat look like they are made with the same fabric. Her Mary Janes really set the outfit off

Eventually there will be five more Shelf Life sets all with a loving description of the friend they are based on, but for now I’ll leave things in the capable hands of my testers.


5 thoughts on “Actual crochet talk

  1. The bad were ill (well most of them) and the doc said “no work for you” so the gig got postponed, new date is 25th if this month. Take Two.

    Thank you for liking her shoes, they are my favorite bit too


  2. I love how she's turned out – the frustrations was definitely worth it. Her little shoes are my favourite bit!
    How was Meat Laof btw? I wanna live vicariously lol x


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