I have been thinking again…

…”This can not bode well” I hear you shout. Now the thing you may notice about my blog is that I have made a promise of “all things crafty” at least I think that’s what I wrote and pretty much craft is the only thing I don’t blog about, this is because … well.. mostly because I am easily distracted and I crochet to occupy the naughty side of my brain so I can solve crimes, diagnose medical problems, and mediate interplanetary disputes OK watch, Elementary, House, and Star Trek. But I do craft, and I belong to some craft groups both in real life and the WWW and I have noticed something, well two things, odd.


“my husbands working late, more crochet time for me”

As far as I can see there are two possible explanations for not being able to crochet because of the presence of your husband or wife or anyone TBH. One is that you can not crochet and carry on a conversation, plausible  not something I have a problem with what with my brain not having much to do with my mouth anyway.

 And the other is that you are expected to run around fetching and looking after the other person and will not be getting half a second to stop in, which to be quite frank would lead to some manore if industrial action from me, I mean really can they not make their own cup of tea?


“I sneak stash in to the house so my husband doesn’t find out how much I have”

Let me add to this one that the only stash I have is either left overs and doesn’t have a full project in it so used for Amigurumi, or will be making a granny throw with at some point, or has been given to me when others are having a stash clearout but again is usually not in quantities fit for much. In fact I could probably fit my entire stash into a black refuse sack, the stash only has storage creates to accommodate my OC(D).

So my thoughts when others speak of hiding their stash go to;
“Are you spending the food money on yarn?”, because unless you really can not afford to buy yarn why would you hide it?, tuck it away so it wasn’t shouting at you, yes, after all yarn is more demanding than kids, but keep it in the car, or on hollowed out furniture, why? why? why?

Now with all that said, say it once, say it loud, I craft and I’m proud if someone expects you to put your crafting down simply because they are there (and you see them every day) put them down (not literally but if you do I didn’t tell you too) and if you are financially capable of feeling your craft, do it, it’s not faberge eggs after all.

Lastly crochet is not a hobby it’s a post apocalyptic survival tactic


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