Day trip

 Crochet Widower’s grand parents live in Silloth, it is rather a way away for a day trip (OK friends from larger countries, the longest distance between two points in the UK is 603 miles so it IS far). We drive up to see them a few times a year, I do not travel well but taking some crochet helps.

While we were driving to Nanny’s we were behind a tow truck, this was a topic of some discussion as The Clone needed to tell us how, if we broke down we would need to be rescued by the truck and how it was handy it was just there.

Directly after the conversation about the truck My Driver (Crochet Widower, but for now My Driver) said in his Brian Blessed voice “TAKE EXTRA CARE WHILE TOWING”, I had no idea where this information came from, as this is rather unusual behavior from My Driver who barely speaks at his chattiest I began looking around for a hint.

I tried in both directions to get a photograph 

It was as though My Driver was receiving messages telepathically  from the highways agency, neat trick. As it turns out this was the popular message displayed by the dot matrix signs along the motorway but at the time I looked up it was hidden by the truck. One day one of these signs is going to say “wake up Neo” and I’ll die laughing.

On to our journey. We traveled along the M6 which was closed due to snow on the Monday before and they were digging sheep out of the snow. Granted that is the most snow we have seen in the seven years we have been doing this drive, but what is going on with the weather? Apart from on the hills “OVER THERE” all the snow was piled against the walls in the fields, but it was piled against BOTH SIDES of the walls.

Now, when ever any body asks where Silloth is I explain it is on the border of Scotland and England. While it is in England the view from Nanny’s kitchen window is (if you make the picture bigger) of the hills in Scotland, that’s right just behind those houses. OK there is the Solway Firth in between the countries, you can certainly SEE Scotland from the window.

Nanny (and Grand dad Jim) live in a retirement complex attached to a holiday camp, among other things there is a small farm to visit (when it ever stops raining) this year they are over run with piglets. Adorable little piglets who remind me of Geek Girl when they run away, you know THAT just toilet trained hasn’t got the hang of leaving undies on stage? when she runs away away, JUST LIKE A PIGLET.

This is what happened when I tried to take a picture of the dot matrix signs on the way TO Nanny’s, I couldn’t get the phone ready in time, or I missed the sign with the crocheting, or I got a picture of the car. SO I gave up and took a photo of myself in the wing mirror


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