Let me tell you a story

Once upon a time there was a… well… quite frankly… Odd little girl, she liked talking, skipping, singing, counting, and talking and when she grew up she wanted to be a clown, or a teddy bear. She also wanted to have ten babies but didn’t want to get married because boys were silly.

As the odd little girl got older she still wanted ten babies, still thought boys were annoying  but now she liked climbing trees, roller skates, knitting (yes knitting), and baking cakes.

The little girl grew in to a still quite odd teenager, by now she liked Iron Maiden , Meatloaf, Wayne’s World, Cup-A-Soup, and dribbling candles,  she planned on having ten babies and might consider marriage (If Dexter Fletcher was involved)

The teenager turned in to a quirky young lady, by now she had decided marriage wasn’t such a bad idea but only with the perfect man, and ten babies would still be quite nice. The perfect man must be clever, he must like Star Trek, he needs to be able to cook and use the washing machine, he must know the difference between a row and an argument and appreciate an argument, and above all he must make her laugh. So you know not a trick list there then.

The young lady grew, she had many jobs though none were quite right, she had friends (some for longer than others) but she never really changed that much. She skipped through life having fun when she could, dealing with problems when they happened, making friends, losing friends, and generally “getting on with it”

Until one day she was introduced to a boy, and they spent about a month arguing when ever they met. He could sing Meatloaf better than her and could quote all the bits of Star Trek she couldn’t, he was funny and did a mean Johnny Vegas impression, and as an added bonus he was a magnificent hug.

The strange lady and the funny man dated for a while, they went to Comic Con, Trapesed around Scotland, watched TV, ate pizza, and generally “got on with it”, eventually they decided that babies and marriage (in that order) was on the cards.

SO on 20th March 2007 they got married, she practically ran down the isle, when the registrar said “you may kiss the bride” she all but swung off his ears. They had a party in the pub they met in, with balloons in spring colours on tables and in an arch over the band, their first sway (he doesn’t dance) was to white wedding (well she was six months pregnant), and the jumped over a broom after their hand fasting. Every one had a lovely day and her sister cried almost constantly (soppy thing that she is).

Six years have passed, they have two beautiful girls (well she was 30 when they got married, ten babies was stretching it a bit), there have been rough times and rows, good times and laughing so hard it hurt, and sometimes it’s hard to see past the “getting on with it” to why they fit so well in the first place, but on the whole life is good. They still watch TV and eat pizza, they trapese around Wales more now (it’s closer and has yarn), they WILL go to Comic Con soon (now that both Hellions are out of nappies).

I thought about a sensible photo, but…Naaaa

7 thoughts on “Let me tell you a story

  1. Aww, I'm such a soggy sop (I think that was meant to be soppy sod but I'm staying with it) that you just made me cry a little bit. Love you two, you are fab!


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