Things my mother taught me

OK, I know, blog more often, I know I promised, sorry.

Now, what with Mothers day speeding towards me (and my mum’s birthday) I taught I would tell you about the sort of thing my mother taught me, I posted similar last year on my facebook page and discovered that she taught my sister totally different things so sh must know what she is talking about.

I could go on at great length about all the domestic “country cottage” things like crocheting and baking but TBH books could have taught me that, there is also the “DIY” stuff like rewiring a plug and cutting in but they have leaflets in B&Q for that. I’m talking about the “in your head” things, the “how to live your life” things.

1; “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to”
 When I was about 4 or 5 my mum found me sat at the top of the stairs crying, when she asked what was wrong I told her that “I don’t want to grow up and leave home”, she responded with the above, and it stuck. I have refused to grow up, yes I accept responsibility but I still play in the mud and go on treasure hunts, I never did leave home, I left the house I lived in with my parents but I took my home with me.

2; “You can do anything you put your mind to”
This along with “OK but don’t make a mess” was the answer to most “can I do…?”s, as a result of this
mantra I have manages some things that are considered impossible, because no one told me it could not be done. There has only been one thing I have wanted to do that I didn’t manage (but I’m only 36, there is time yet)

3; “…if some one came towards you with a banana in their ear you wouldn’t feel half as silly”
This was the end of a story told to me when, as a shy child, I was rather anxious about starting high-school. “You would feel rather silly if you were walking down the road with a banana in your ear, if some one came towards you with a banana in their ear you wouldn’t feel half as silly. Every one in your class is going high-school for the first time too”

4; “Finish a qualification, even if you decide you will never use it…
It will show you can see thing through to the end” I have lots of qualifications ranging from animal care to admin most of which I will never use again, but I finished them and payed attention.

5; “It’s easier to get a job if you have a job”
This was in response to my tendency to get bored and walk out of jobs, though I have rarely had difficulty  getting a job this is mostly because I will do any job AT ALL, but the odd time I struggled I was out of work and being specific.

6; “you are the mum, you know best”
I had issues with the health visitor shortly after the birth of both of The Hellions but it was only with Geek Girl That I felt confidant enough to follow my instincts. I did end up telling the health visitor off the last time, my mum came to offer moral support and was rather disappointed that her help was not needed, shows what a good job she did with me.

7; “All mothers want to throw their child out of the window, the good ones don’t”
This is two fold advice and I have given it myself. Thinking you want to do some thing is not the same as doing it, yes you will want to strangle your child and refer to them as Hellions but you won’t and thinking it is OK. As long as the kids are safe, fed and watered, and happy you are a good mum, the rest is opinion.

     Finding a picture of my mum is like pulling hens teeth, this is the best I can do. This is The Clone’s first birthday, The Clone is wearing a dress my mum made out of a silk skirt of hers.

That’s that for now, off to throw a child out of the window 😉


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