Errors in judgment

Here is a happy picture to distract from the sad words
Last week I noticed a facebook page that had copied and posted a lot of pictures of knitted and crocheted work, when I asked them about it I was blocked from the page. Once I was named as a “harasser” on the page I named the page, followers of my facebook page then posted a link to one of the photos the page owner had claimed openly to have made, then I (and other designers that had commented) started receiving threatening messages form a friend of the page owner.
This is not the new friend
 The page owner has now implemented rudimentary identification of the pictures not of her work but I have yet to receive an apology, nor do I think I will.I am now debating whether it is wisest to watermark ALL my photos or start from now. On the plus side I did make a new friend in mazzmatazz whom is rather spiffing and amusing.

 I finished the Slouch neck skater dress but feel that this picture is not the best one that was taken see how that was an error in judgement? I did read on Ravelry this week how certain poses suggest faults in the pattern, I do feel that a lot of the poses suggested are decided on by the models in an attempt to stop them looking like frumpy SAHMs and that is is quite a file like between plain and informative and “mug shot” I do intend to take some more shots of the skater dress for the pattern page but doubt I’ll ever better the Original skater dress twirl

Passably the worst decision of my life

Today I made the executive decision to move some of the “tidier” crafting materials to a more accessible by The Hellions home, this is under the condition that tidying up will happen when requested, as we are already having a battle over an unwound ball of yarn strewn about BOTH rooms I am not holding out much hope for the rest of the equipment.

On a happier note The Clone made me some wings so that if I get scared I can hide behind them and feel safe and warm.
I have been feeling a little out of sorts of late, what with the image theft incident and doctors poking and prodding at me. But I an now determined to return to my usual level of mental ness I owe it to my fans . I will be re opening my facebook “good to go” album, this is the album where all the ready made shipping ready items will live. I have also posted and pinned to the top of my page my custom order pricing to avoid confusion.
 So TTFN, if you can’t hook it fake it

2 thoughts on “Errors in judgment

  1. I am rather proud of how Jen made that bumble bee look. I am watermarking photos as I go now and intend to go through the “good” photos and watermark (I need to set a day aside for computer work. Glad you find me amusing, I'd say I try but I really don't you know 😀


  2. Oh, I do so enjoy your posts! “This is not the friend,” about killed me. Love the alien in the bottle! I think it is terrible how you got treated by the person (and their friends) when you caught them thieving images. It seems they really don't like to be called on their lies. I think a watermark on all future images is a good idea. You can go back and add them to past images as time allows but going forward you can add it easily before posting. And you are rignt – I don't think any photo will ever top the twirling shot you have of the skater dress. It's my favorite and always makes me smile when I think of you doing that! Also, saw the bumblebee baby prop photo and it looks great!


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