The of best intentions

I fully intended to a) blog sooner and b) blog about Stitch and hobby craft show but to be frank I was left a little disappointed about the show.

My friend Liz of Liz’s gloves fame she bought the yarn I used had some how, through her powers of bargain acquired free tickets for the stitch and hobby craft show. When we got there we were quite giddy and due to Liz’s gammy leg even managed to queue jump past the hordes of old ladies OK it isn’t really queue jumping when you have a disabled badge. 

OMWW, Crochet Widower changed the computer case while I was in bed last night and it just took me ten min to find the USB hole, THEN with a 50/50 chance of trying to plug the cable in I get it the wrong way around EVERY time.

 The place was packed there is no doubt about that, but the booths seemed a little exclusionary, there were lots of beads on offer, and paper crafts as far as the eye could see, all the fat quarters you could wish for, and as many leather bags as Liz could dream of. There was a knitted aquarium and sewing machine demos, the lucet chap was amazing and our kind of mental. but with everything going on there was no crochet what so ever.

 Now, don’t get me wrong, craft is craft  and there were some absolutely amazing things there, I did enjoy the quilt display, my quilting skills are lacking but I do want to get my hand in at some point. And I did know a teeny bit more about quilting techniques than Liz so I felt all wise and special, but I would have liked to have seen some crochet techniques demonstrated, a bit of hairpin lace, Tunisian, filet, EXTREME.

I did enjoy the display on smocking, and once again get to sound knowledgeable when I told Liz about the basics, Liz is new to crafts but eager and a quick learner. She used to be a librarian, so mostly lives in books rather than on Ravelry, but I’m slowly working on her, she did have a funny turn over the Lucet and will probably have made 100000 bracelets with hers by now .

I did however find the Abakhan booth, at this point Liz nipped off to get a drink for The Baby as she left her cup in the car, bad move there I feel as, in her words, she “came back and I was clutching half the booth”, I actually bought three packs of yarn and some cotton, the yarn is going to make the worlds best cushion covers and the cotton was pretty.

I bought some new scissors elsewhere as well.

In conclusion I suspect I am going to have to search out shows with less emphasis on “Hobby” and more on “Yarn”, lovely morning out with Liz but I think I wanted more SHOW.

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