Copy and paste

This is going to get ranty. There are two versions of this problem rampant on facebook and they both drive me insane.

number one
“Warning, this is not a scam…bla bla bla, doom, doom, gloom, no one will see your page…..copy and past”

This sort of post is happening more and more frequently, usually about imagined slights by facebook against “small businesses” who take your advice to post lots and tell you “some of us only do this as a hobby and have jobs and kids you no”. When you tell these people that they have been misled and point them at some information regarding the issue they reply “I just copied and pasted it, it’s not even my post”, in that case if you are not even going  to check the facts SHARE the post you saw, that we we know where the rumors started.

This is also a problem with “If you don’t click this button and stand on Town hall steps with your left breast exposed clowns will eat your face and FB will be allowed to raise your children” for such occasions I recommend book marking hoax-slayer, that way when it all turns out to be a load of silliness you can feel smug.

number two
“I can make those and sell them too”

This has turned in to a real problem or so I am told, a couple of pages I like on FB have recently had their work copied, I know they say copying is the highest form of flattery but when some one has put time  thought and energy in to a product it does not feel good when some one just strolls in and takes your idea.

This is not to say using others work as inspiration and expanding on it is not wonderful and faltering but make an effort don’t just recreate the patchwork flower in a  cardboard plant pot make cacti instead.

Come on, have an original thought.

And when you do, brave the copy cats, climb the highest mountain (get a FB page) and shout it to the world.

Pst, don’t forget the patterns over there ———-> 
Some are even free 😉


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