Pony tale hat (US)

Pony tale hat

Pony tale hatPony tale hat






This is a quick hat designed to stop me looking scalped when I have my hair tied back.

The ribbed section is worked flat but the rest of the hat is worked in a spiral, do not use a stitch marker instead use the last stitch change to gauge where to end the round.

The horizontal bar of a HDC is the bar made at the back of the stitch by the first YO

Using chunky yarn and a 5 mm hook

Leaving a long tail ch 6
SC in second ch from hook, DC in each ch along, 1 ch, turn. (5)
SC in BACK LOOPS ONLY along, 1 ch, turn. (5) until when slightly stretched fits around the head.

Turn work 90 degrees.

HDC in end of each row, do not turn.
HDC in first HDC, [HDC, HDC, 2 HDC in next st] around.

HDC in each st around.

HDC in horizontal bar of each st around for 3 rounds.
HDC in each st around for 2 rounds.

Continue alternating this way for 4 repeats, SC, slst. fasten off.

Sew ribbing closed.
Look amazing


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