Pony tale hat (UK)

Pony tale hat

Pony tale hatPony tale hat







This is a quick hat designed to stop me looking scalped when I have my hair tied back.

The ribbed section is worked flat but the rest of the hat is worked in a spiral, do not use a stitch marker instead use the last stitch change to gauge where to end the round.

The horizontal bar of a HTR is the bar made at the back of the stitch by the first YO

Using chunky yarn and a 5 mm hook

Leaving a long tail ch 6
DC in second ch from hook, DC in each ch along, 1 ch, turn. (5)
DC in BACK LOOPS ONLY along, 1 ch, turn. (5) until when slightly stretched fits around the head.

Turn work 90 degrees.

HTR in end of each row, do not turn.
HTR in first HTR, [HTR, HTR, 2 HTR in next st] around.

HTR in each st around.

HTR in horizontal bar of each st around for 3 rounds.
HTR in each st around for 2 rounds.

Continue alternating this way for 4 repeats, DC, slst. fasten off.

Sew ribbing closed.
Look amazing


3 thoughts on “Pony tale hat (UK)

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  2. Blogger decided not to tell me about your comment so I stumbled upon you while “moving the furniture”

    Thank you, also can you possibly link to where you saw the link? I have been searching for ages but can't get to it. It's like the time we were trying to get to Pendle hill, we could see the hill but not get to the foot.


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