Sausage bread

I had better start with an explanation . Some years ago I went to visit family in Bulgaria they are not Bulgarian but do have a house there whilst in the local culture I got peckish, now what with me not speaking a great deal of Bulgarian and being unfamiliar with the surroundings I had no idea what I was looking for. Eventually I found a bakery a bought some bread, imagine my delight in finding it filled with sausage. I’m not sure what the Bulgarian name is or even if it has one but I had to make some. Here is a brief rundown of the quick cheating version.

Bread mix, tin of hot-dogs  tomato paste, brand new amazing wonderful mixer with dough hooks.

These are the things you will need, well not the mixer, any mixer will do or you can need the dough by hand like I did until last week when I found d the bargain mixer for £20 in Sainsbury’s.

Follow the instructions on the bread mix, or make bread in your usual way. if using a tin of hot-dogs cut the dough in to 8 or however many you need chunks. You can use a large sausage and and skip that bit but I have found having a roll each saves some one losing a hand in the fight over the bread.

 Roll a portion of dough out and spread a dollop of tomato paste on, leaving room at the edges. You do not need to use an old soda stream gas canister to do this a traditional rolling pin will be fine.

 Put the hot-dog in the middle of the dough and fold the top and bottom over, fold the sides over and place roll on greased baking tray SEAM DOWN, repeat seven more times.

 Cover in clingfilm or a damp tea towel and leave in a warm spot for however long the mix says to. You may also like to bake in the oven following the packet’s instructions.

 Once cooked don’t forget to tap the bottoms to check if they are done place on a wire rack to cool. At this point you may like to hide them from any Hellions you have hanging around, SOs need to be accounted for also so it might be best to keep them in your stash.

Any body under ten can only have half at a time as they are too nice and must all be eaten by me.

There you have it, the terribly complicated sausage bread, make some, experiment, but cheese and onion does not work, Sainsbury’s, however, do do some lovely soya furters for a healthier/vegetarian option.


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