Sorry I’m late

It has been longer than I anticipated since my last blog, I have been working on a project I wanted to finish so I could tell you ALL about it in one go.

When I was in high-school one of my best friends was Jen, a vegetarian, ice-skating, nutter and that’s why I liked her , well once we finished with high-school we lost touch as you do, lots of years later a mutual friend on Facebook tagged a school picture of us and we “reconnected”. We discovered and mutual love of yarn and over came the sticks v hooks divide  in fact Jen came to visit one day and Crochet Widower commented that it was like we had stopped in the middle of a conversation in high-school and simply started again mumblety years later.

Jen is now getting started in her own photography business with her husband Martin. barefoot images is looking good and Jen decided she needed some photo props for shooting babies, naturally she turned to me I am simply that good, and I thought “skill swap” I could write the patterns for these photo props and have professional  10000000 times better than I can do, photographs for them. “super idea”  Jen stated, so off I went.

Elf hats, expletive elf hats, I love and hate these hats they have a totally Tim Burton ness to them but they are boring and long to make.

 As you might know The Hellions “nice” names are Bumblebee and Ladybird, so these were close to my heart, and I am disproportionetly proud of the hat.

 Bobble hats, babies in over-sized bobbles, Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


Using chunky yarn will make these look awesome on babies the stitches will look so BIG.

I also did a blue deer stalker but didn’t take a photo, I did however title the pattern Dear stalker, so I suspect I should send it to an AVID fan.

Tapestry crochet at it funest well I think so The picture I have of the Batman hat is not best so imagine how amazing it looks.

SO that is that, all boxed up and ready to be posted this afternoon. I have now made a start on the second skater dress but that shouldn’t take too long as a lot of it is the same as the first so I will just be following my own pattern. Once I get the dress doe I will start in earnest on “Shelf life” just to be cryptic I will tell you that I had a play with the idea while I was in hospital.

I won’t be away so long this time, TTFN, keep on hooking


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