30th blog post

Proper Happy new year not like that horrid ouchy one last time right now I should be having the post Christmas clothes clear out The Hellion’s stuff ofcorse, they have ALL the clothes so obviously I decided NOW was the time you needed to hear all about this years plans.

A lot of my plans are carried over from last year to be honest, last year I got carried away with making things for craft fairs and lost track of why I crochet in the first place, so the “catch up” plans are

  • Learn to spin, Pet Photographer has told me she has a drop spindle I can borrow so now we simply must go and visit her increasingly pregnant self and the Doctor who experience with her tent in tow. It is rather amazing how you can be out of touch with some one for 18 years and it feels like you haven’t missed a day.
  • Learn to ride the unicycle, my BIL gave me a unicycle I have always wanted one for my birthday in 2009 but I was pregnant with Geek Girl and instructed not to ride it until I had a baby. That worked out well, I decided to start learning in JUNE but we have had the wettest year to date and I haven’t been able to get out as often as I need to.
  • Get the artistic pieces out of my head in to the real world and fill in the forms for the gallery  this will not take as long as it sounds but this got put on the back burners with the craft fair obsession and I still haven’t made one thing yet.
  • Skater dress number two, this is technically not a catch up but I did decide three when I started number one, there are actually three skater dresses with different neck lines. Now I have the yarn sat in my stash for this I may even get it done before the end of February  I really want to ware it to Meatloaf so beginning of April is my deadline.
Now for the new stuff, some of these are very exciting to me.
  • Shelf life, this is the working at least title of the “rag doll” pattern, if you are a FB or Twitter friend you may have sen her leg already  There will also be a give away based on this pattern when I get it written but that might end up on next years list.
  • Hugs and kisses cardigan, this will be my first cable pattern but won’t take long once I get going but I am thinking of using 4ply so who know what will happen
  • Finish these baby prop patterns, pretty self explanatory  and again FB and Twitter friends will have seen the sneaky peak pics of the work so far.
  • I am thinking of participating in one or two craft fairs, maybe make one or two SMALL seasonal amigurumis for this but I shall endeavor not to get carried away and loose perspective. Promise.
  • I am thinking of a yarn bombing again, there are plans afoot but obviously I don’t want to say too much
And that is about that, with any luck I will continue to be amusing on dreary days in. SO once again Happy new year, happy new ventures, and you won’t get anything done if you don’t try TTFN 

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