The Pain….

Hello and Happy New year, 

I was planning on a boring “things to do this year” blog but friends on Facebook will be aware that I was in hospital Tuesday Crochet Widower’s birthday and was detained over night so here is the story of my pain threshold.

Warning, I will not be having with any Poor you comments.

I was always a particularly healthy person, look there I am, the pinnacle of health, if not particularly scary, Miss muffet refused to run away claiming “I’m not scared of our Amanda”. As I grew older I became prone to dermatitis but apart from this and contraception I left the doctor well alone and was happy that way. I didn’t think I had a particularly high pain threshold UNTIL…

In my thirtieth year I started building a baby, the most convenient way to do this is to keep it contained about your person. This all want swimmingly with the minimum of fuss then, with three weeks to due date, I started feeling twinges I suspected were braxton hicks, these grew and after a week I was really struggling to, well, move. NHS direct was contacted “go to the labor ward” being the good patient that I am off we trotted. “you have a water infection have some antibiotics and go home”. Four more visits to hospital, an ambulance ride, and an apparent allergy to codeine later and I am admitted for dehydration. Once the codeine wore off I started getting really sarcastic and eventually had an emergency C-section.

The cause of all this was the tendon that suspends the womb had split along the length, no one know why, and no one realized just how much pain I was in because apparently they don’t train you to look foe extreme politeness coupled with sarcasm to indicate pain. But hay all’s well that ends well.

All was well for a year then I started getting similar pain, CT scans, x-rays, ultra sounds, MRIs and poking and prodding, for FOUR years and it turned out that one was IBS, for the love of Doris I had no idea how painful THAT one is. In the middle of all this pain I had nine months off to build another baby, this one was a planned C-section. This child was born at ten thirty five in the morning, at three in the afternoon I got shouted at by a midwife for going for a shower “Do you realize you have just had major surgery?” yes but do you realize I STINK.

Life happened, things were got on with, crocheting was done, and then between Christmas and New year 2012 I get a pain in my lower abdomen, nothing alarming “IBS” thinks I, “I have over done the rich food, be a good girl for a couple of days and I’ll be fine” HAHAHAHA nooooooo, by new years day I was struggling to talk the pain was so bad, NHS direct, out of hours GP, no beds on gynecology so sit in A&E for three hours, end up on gynecology any way, hmmmm WTH, “I’m not doing this on purpose” POKE “AAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHH”, you are staying in for at least the night in-case it is something waiting to burst. Snot and tears from the hooker missing her kids don’t tell them, drugs were given and I had a lovely nights sleep, nothing burst so I was released to outpatients for an ultra sound whenever could be three weeks we now get another round of “guess the malady”

The day after release I had an appointment with the dentist to have a wisdom tooth removed, that one there, top right, then only one I have in this picture. THAT was a walk in the park, in and out in half an hour, I didn’t even get a fizzy face when the anesthetic wore off and because of the drugs for the abdominal pain I haven’t even had an ache out of my mouth.

I’m not entirely sure what I am telling you all this for TBH other than for you to learn from my experience and if you think something is wrong shout about it, make a fuss, act like a wuss, sarcasm and saying “I am in a considerable amount of pain” just doesn’t cut it.

You know you body best, so if in danger, if in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.

2 thoughts on “The Pain….

  1. Well, I guess you DO have a high tolerance for pain but that doesn't mean you should BE in pain for any longer than necessary. Good advice to make a fuss about it when you think there is something wrong – it's true – you know your body best. I'm hoping you get your answers soon so you can start feeling better!!! xoxox


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