I would like to visit

On Saturday we drove up to Silloth (nearly Scotland) to visit the Grand Folk In Laws, I am not a fan of this trip as it is long and I am like a strawberry I do not travel well. On the way home Crochet Widower drove us through Flimby, because I LOVE going through Flimby, go on say it out loud “Flimby” doesn’t it just sound like a place where nice yet excentric people live? I think so. This got me thinking about all the places I would like to or have, I’m cheating a bit visit, here is my top ten;

1) Wookey Hole, seriously who doesn’t want to visit Wookey Hole and shout “mwam”. Go on admit it, you do, don’t you?

2) Snake pass, OK I have been here, and until I was about 15 I really did think there was a huge snake living there. I know, for an intelligent person I am soooooo slow.

3) Abersoch, another one I have actually been to, A LOT, living in Cheshire we spent most of our child hood in north Wales. I had to chose between Abersoch, Aberaeron, Abergelli, because they were all pronounced “Have A …” as a child and it still make me laugh today.

4) Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, Seriously my BIL (Billy) has driven there daily at least FB told me he did how have I never been? and I like the gogogoch at the end 

5) Four Forks, due to the unnerving nature of my brain this one make me think of “fork handles” 

6) The Lizard, I have only been to Cornwall once, for the eclipse I know I was too young to have gone on with out my parents and we mostly stayed at the camp site, we did pop out to see “king Arthur’s castle  of which there are about twenty in the British isles. 

7) Pendle hill, After some years, and many attempts Crochet Widower killed two birds with one stone and took me to Pendle hill on my birthday more years ago than I am going to admit. Not only did I get to see the famous British land mark I walked in snow on my birthday for the first time. I bought a witchy key-ring that is still on my keys now. 

8) No Man’s Land, another Cornwall one, seeing as I also would like to visit the witch craft museum in Cornwall we may as well pack the tent and make a stay of it. 

9) Cardiff, OK so I actually want to go to the Doctor Who experience  we were meant to be going this summer but the weather was so wet we would have drowned. We even stole a tent for the occasion as well I still have it actually 

10) Penzance, more Cornwall I know, but I want to see some real pirates.

And that’s about it, why not compile a list of your own? or throw a dart in to a map, steal a tent and have an adventure.

TTFN xxxx

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