Shameless self promotion

Well it is MY blog after all.

Last week I went out with The Family Unit to take some better photos of the hat, glove, and scarf set I told The Family Unit we were just going for a nice walk. It was later explained by Jen that I like these photos because looking at the camera make you feel like you are making eye contact with your self and that is why I have never liked photos of my self 

It was so cold on our excursion that The Clone ended up wearing My gloves, and both Hellions shouted “crunch” as they walked on the frosty grass. We also took Star Bear, Star Bear is a school “prize” for trying your best and doing well all week although I suspect there is an element of alphabeticalness involved as The Clone got Star Bear in December LAST year as well. 

 This is Jen’s Nate set, it was the only one I had available at the time. With the Nate sets I feel like I have created a monster, yes I am awesome  yes they are THAT good, but I have made so many now that they feel like a chore to make only one more set to make. Funny story about this one; I spent about half an hour looking for the perfect yarn because Jen is vegetarian and for some reason my brain decided this meant she could not have wool, she does in fact knit with wool herself and has been known to spin a little too doh 

SO after the photos were taken, and I took some new photos of the Amigurumi patterns too thanks to Jen for some more advice I reformatted ALL of my patterns, adding a header with all my contact information on, re-uploaded all the PDFs to Ravelry and Craftsy, shouted at the computer a bit, added the gauge/tension, yardage, and blerb to the pattern pages, over there 

I now have nothing that MUST be done until the new year, I do want to finish this KNITTED cardigan this week end, and would like to make a couple of Christmas stocking for The Hellions, Crochet Widower needs a Nate beanie to keep his baldy head warm he doesn’t actually need it, he’s bald to let the heat out his head is like a furnace most of the time there is a glove pattern I would like to write, but you know not much on. It’s my birthday next week, but I’ll probably be back before then with my to do next year list.


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