Sunshine blog award

The amusing and slightly bonkers Amiguruthi has nominated me for a Sunshine blog award.

Apparently I’m “Awesomely funny on Facebook” who knew?

The rules of the Sunshine blog award are that I now must

Tell you ten things about me this is the tricky bit
and nominate some other blogs easy peasy

So here goes 

1) I am married to Crochet Widower, we got married on the Spring Equinox in 2006, my best man performed a beautiful blessing and made my sister cry, we jumped over a broom, and I was 6 months pregnant.

2) I have two children, they are collectively known as The Hellions, they are The Clone and Geek Girl, The Clone is kind of crazy loud and Geek Girl is introspective and going through toilet training right now I mean NOW she’s sat on the potty as I type.

3) I have dyslexia, this leads to “fun with words”, I was once in an aquarium with the Baby Bro and Mother and commented on how cruel it was to name the fish “Dam selfish”, I also spend a lit of time googling words and checking homophones.

4) I have Hypothyroidism, this means that I have to take Thyroxin every morning AN HOUR BEFORE FOOD, does my thyroid not realize that for the first thirty years of my life the first thing I did on waking was eat??? and then for the proceeding four years it was a quick baby sort then food, it has never been more that ten min between waking and food, this has been going on for a year now and I am JUST used to it.

5) I also have IBS, this is more tablets, and me thankful for the tolerance of my hookers see number 7

6) Three of the five points above are connected.

7) I have regular meet ups with best my hookers on a Monday night, we are collectively known as The Witches Institute, like The Women Institute but less jam and Jerusalem more pink plonk rose wine and chocolate cake. You know those book clubs were no one reads the book but every one gets drunk, that’s us, with hooks

8) The font on this blog seems to have changed it’s self and I can’t fix it. 

9) I can’t cook. I can bake, sew, knit, crochet, and clean, but not cook. I can make pastry, a filling, and bake a pie, but for some reason I can not take a pie out of a box and put it in the oven and end up with an edible pie. That reminds me, I haven’t made sausage bread for AGES.

10) I have OC(D), the D is is brackets because I am too organised to have a disorder  I am very “a place for everything…” I have spreadsheets and data bases for everything, I have craft supplies in boxes, in boxes, in boxes.

SO that’s me, check out these other people.

1) For Hooks Sake One of my best Hookers, and in her own words “bat shit crazy” 

2) Mad Crochet Lab I LOVE this scientist, I wish she lived closer

3) futuregirl ‘Coz you’ve gotta love a ginger

4) jojasca Fellow Warringtonian, I am so envious that she designed the Noro one skein spiral slouch before me.

5) Howie Woo Just read it, he’s ace

6) Georgia P Designs Last year the WI shared a shop with this lovely lady and all her beautiful things 

7) The Crafty Network All craters should follow this blog

That’s that, time to make beans on toast AGAIN for Geek Girl, TTFN


8 thoughts on “Sunshine blog award

  1. Yes I am awesome 😀 lol

    Your WI sounds awesome – I've just discovered there's a knitting group in the village I've just moved to, so I'm planning on going down there once my life stops being so crazy (so maybe a year or so from now!). I hope pink plonk is a regular yarn gathering addition… 🙂

    I do love the ides that you put the D in brackets cos you're too organised to have a disorder too – that made me literally lol!


  2. Oh yes – then I would definitely enjoy some plink plonk! I've learned you really have to be your own best advocate in health care. I also learned that some tests don't show them what is really going on. For Hashimoto's they have to test you for the antibodies, not just the normal thyroid hormones, which would show that your body is having an autoimmune response. I know it can be a pain, but don't give up. I'm glad that they are at least listening to you now.


  3. Pink plonk is just a funny way of saying rose wine

    I might have Hashimoto's, it took them 18 months to stop telling me I had post natal depression and test my thyroid so it's going to take a while for them to listen to me over this as well.

    At least they have started listening to me now though


  4. Wow! I am truly honored to be included in the other talented people you nominated! Congratulations to you on getting recognized for having an awesome blog! I enjoyed reading your ten little tidbits about yourself – it seems we have something else in common. I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis which is the hypothyroidism caused by an autoimmune disease – it's treated the same way as regular hypothyroidism, so I have to take my pill every morning an hour before food too! It's very annoying because I want to eat and have my coffee as soon as I wake up, plus you are not supposed to have calcium for four hours after taking it and I like cream in my coffee! So sometimes I cheat (okay, that's really ALL the time)! I wish we lived closer too because I would love to get together with people once a week to crochet and drink (not necessarily in that order). We would have so much fun! I still don't know what plink plonk is but you seem to like it so I am sure I would too! 🙂


  5. Oh no, I knew I had forgotten some one. EVERY ONE LOOK AT ALL OUR HEAVENLY BODIES TOO, but don't but a mint chocolate mud mask they are all mine


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