Demons are a girls best fiend

Hello again, glad you could pop by.

I do not have a photo heavy blog for you today, the crochet items I have finished this week are part of a larger WIP and can not be photographed until they are all done. I have however created a header for my pattern that’s it up there what do you think? I like it and will be adding all my WWW to the top of the page as well.
Now, I have difficulty dropping off to sleep so end up thinking of the strangest thing. Last night, with the absence of Crochet Widower, my thoughts turned to phrases that make no sense. “How can you live with your self?” was the one that stuck, ignoring the fact that there is only one of me and hoping for a TRUE clone my initial thought was “easy peasy”. The house would always be neat and tidy, there would be no annoying noises or smells bliss, well… maybe not.
The problem, I discovered was MY corner, who would sit there? how would priority be determined? What would happen if we both wanted to use the 25mm hook? I only have one of those I have at least two of most hooks what would happen if one of us finished their hummus faster than the other? 
It would end in murder, murder I tells ya 
Sheldon Cooper has nothing on me

So all in all I feel “how can you live with yourself?” is a perfectly reasonable question just for the wrong reasons 


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