A picture of you

 Hi there, today I’d like to talk about my family. Last Christmas me bought The Clone a children’s camera, mostly this was for her to take photos of achievements like the first time she completed a jigsaw, pictures she painted, lego constructions, you get the gist. It has become apparent that that what she mostly like to photograph is mummy working, OK so we have a lot of motorway pictures, and pictures of out of focus trees, but mostly the camera id full of pictures of me “not at my best”

This is Crochet Widower, he does not normally have such fuzzy edges. He works in health care, twelve hour night shifts. This does give me a couple of nights a week to watch the TV programs that are exclusively mine. Crochet Widower likes Formula 1 the noise make me angry and I watch monster hunting supernatural spooky programs I have no idea how this makes Crochet Widower feel. Crochet Widowers procrastination makes mine look mild, but he is quite tall so I keep him around to save me climbing on things to change light bulbs.

 The Clone, avid photographer  singer, dancer, performer. The Clone likes things FABULOUS, the first thing she does when she gets in from school is raid the dressing up boxes, yes that’s right we have three storage boxes full of dresses, jewelry, animal costumes, masks, etc; she will sing about anything, and even the hint of music will get her dancing.
When The Clone grows up she would like to be a paramedic or Amy Pond.

Geek Girl, adventurer, introvert, artist, film critic  Since discovering the Geek Girl is lactose intolerant and there fore no longer poisoning her every day she has turned in to a real person, happy to play on her own for hours at a time she is the easiest child to look after EVER. Much like daddy she can spend all day drawing but likes nothing better than a cuddle and a film, but in keeping with mummy’s tastes her favorite films are The Nightmare before Christmas and Monsters Inc.

So this is my family, they are messy, noisy, grubby, giddy, infuriating, distracting, smelly, and


6 thoughts on “A picture of you

  1. Plonk is a colloquialism for wine, pink refers to the Rose we drink on a Monday. As Rose is the middle round between red and white 😉 every one is happy.

    That has recently caused great hilarity as Geek Girl now shouts “pink plonk” around the supermarket


  2. I love this post – so nice to get to know a bit more about you! But what on earth is plink plonk? I keep seeing you mention it and keep thinking it is something I'm going to need to keep stock of in my pantry because it seems to be a lifesaver for you. I could use some of that. 🙂


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