Children Vs Crochet

As well as crocheting my fingers to the bone I am a stay at home mum, the one thing helps me be able to do the other so I WIN. This does lead to difficult decisions when choosing between The Hellions and Crochet, OK not THAT difficult Crochet always wins no it doesn’t. 
One of these decisions was what to do about The Clone, she has been obsessed with the yarn bands since as long as she has been able to take them off the ball, she used to unpack my yarn, remove the band, and present it to me saying “there you go” she was three when she started to refer to me by name.

Now, Geek Girl, I have high hopes for that one. Though she was later with the gross motor skills and talking you can’t shut her up now her fine motor skills are amazing, if only she’d use her powers for good rather than drawing on the walls and “making tents”. Seriously I have just cleaned the house top to bottom and in every room Geek Girl is allowed in I found a tent, if I turn my back for one second she has all the blankets out and has made another tent one day she’ll tidy one up and I’ll drop dead with shock.

 Now for the advantages of The Hellions seeing all the creativity going on.This picture id of a fairy door The Clone drew using “the side of the chalk” she was so proud she had done it like mummy showed her, she even wrote “Friar door” under it. The Clone can tell the difference between knitting and crochet, wouldn’t dream of calling 100% cotton “wool” and makes lots of “things” nothing that is usable but she’s 5 with her mother’s attention spell. Geek Girl is two so doesn’t show any specific creative tendencies apart from the tents but will put glue on a piece of paper for hours, and finds the whole idea of socks knitted by Granny amazing

Small anecdote to demonstrate tat my child is better than yours to me any way

Last week as we were setting off to collect For hooks sake for the craft fair I couldn’t make the props fit in the wicker basket after all we drove past the cemetery  it was rather early in the morning and it was foggy, the cemetery looked “like cemetery should always look” Crochet Widower “Ooooh, I need a photo of that, maybe with a manly man in a manly Nate set.” “Or a bizarre man in a Darlek costume” pipes up The Clone. Can’t think where she gets this mentalness from.

It’s 12.20, I have cleaned the house, tidied away the tents, fed Geek Girl, and wrote an amusing blog I hope  time to finish the Newborn bobble hat. This evening I will be KNITTING, gasp. TTFN, hooking the night away


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