Itchy’s cold

Hello, I am Itchy’s cold and I will be taking over for the day.

As you are probably aware Itchy attended a craft fair with For Hooks Sake, that is where I come in. All those people carrying germs, it was inevitable one of us got through the defenses  What I didn’t expect was how popular this hooker was, there were loads of people commenting on how they liked her on facebook or read the blog. There were comments along the lines of “OOOOOH, the snowmen turned out well” of “the infamous skater dress, lovely”. This happy happy vibe really disrupted my flow so it took a little longer than I would have liked to take hold.

This morning the silly hooker decided to write the Snowmen US terms and Elf US terms patterns, upload them to Ravelry, and post all the relevant information to FaceBook. She also has plans to clean the bathroom, but we’ll see about that. A large bald man did arrive and take the loud ginger child away, he returned later with out the child, don’t know what that is all about but it is suspicious if you ask me.

Any way, there is a niggling thought coming from Itchy that pictures are needed so here

 Have some pictures.

Oh and one of the stall

What has that cold been doing. Any way I nearly forgot. The Pattern giveaway draw  has been done, and the winner is Amiguruthi

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