Can’t stop

Just popping by to let you know I haven’t forgotten about you.

On Saturday, despite vowing never to do another craft fair and then booking in for two and swearing I wasn’t going to make anything specifically for the craft fairs I’m not doing, I decided to make some snowmen, just quickly you understand. This turned in to a designing evening, but I do rather like the results and I have ten limited edition snowmen for the fair on Saturday.

My new vow was not to spend any money on things for the fair on Saturday and to only use stash, this was working so well for the snowmen but then I decided I needed to make Santas, OK doable with stash off we go. Ye he didn’t work out so well.

Half an hour later “He’s an elf” *face palm*, so today vow out of the window I trundles down to a local “craft” shop as it’s closer and more expensive than the yarn shop to buy green yarn, and green metallic crochet cotton, and red beads. His hat needs some holly don’t ya know.

Well that’s me off, I need to make eight elves by Friday night. TTFN

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