Every one is doing it, so why can’t I?

Ok, as promised Here is the “Give away”  post.

I have been blogging for a little over a month maybe 5 weeks and it would appear I’m not too bad at it after all. Despite my promise to talk about crochet, yarn and crafts I haven’t really done much of the craft talk and mostly have spouted rubbish about my daily life and inability to focus.

Yesterday I was looking at the blog stats and discovered I had had 70 page views in one day, so I decided to give away a free pattern when I reached 100 in one day. Yesterday evening I checked the stats and found, much to my delight, 147 page views I do believe at least 47 were my sister so here it is.

I am temporarily hiding the comments for the blog until next Monday 26th November, comment on the post with your favorite pattern, a post picked out of a hat will receive the pattern of their choice in PDF format Via Email or ravelry gift if you prefer the winner will be announced in an other quick blog on Monday 26th November.

Remember patterns are listed as pages over there.

9 thoughts on “Every one is doing it, so why can’t I?

  1. The dress is my favorite (so far) there are plans for two more as well. I really must write a list and actually get things done in order.


  2. Hello new here, I fallowed the crazy stalker Mad Crochet lad lady.. hehe you do wonderful work..I love just love your Babies, I have a daughter who would love them as well. ps your christmas pudding is what I need I wont get any extra calories from it.. hehe 🙂 Janice


  3. Well, I like your christmas pudding pattern (and everything else) but that is what I will choose for this contest. Haha! I found your blog! Now you'll never be safe! Just kidding. I'm not really a psycho stalker (I just sound like one sometimes when it escapes out of my mouth before I can stop it). 🙂


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