Summer happened?

This year we had the wettest summer I can remember and as you may know Crochet Widower works nights, this situation led me to struggling with places to take The Hellions and ways to keep then quiet in the house for a few hours. As they are MY Hellions the quiet bit was a particular struggle. Thanks to Baby Bro we discovered the joys of Geo Caching, this lead to many adventures walking along the river Mersey in knee deep mud looking for a treasure we still haven’t found.

We made cakes, beautiful  artistic cakes. I have some food coloring’s that may technically not be allowed to be sold in the UK as a food stuff but they are OK in the US but as we only use them now and again I don’t think it’s too bad, until I remember that Geek Girl is not toilet trained yet. But then we get the same results from playing with the play dough.

I shall confess that not all of these were made by The Hellions, I am simply THAT good at cake decoration we don’t talk about the bumble bee cake 

Just lately we have been making Christmas decorations with salt dough, first we used the cookie cutters and cut out the shapes. It took me a week convince Geek Girl they were not for eating.

Once they were dry we painted them, and added detail with felt tips that is important in a bit queue another week of “eat biscuits now”

No I will not post a picture of the door
until it make me look good 

Once the paint was dry we pasted PVA glue on them, this is where I discovered the felt tips were not my best plan. My beautiful fairy door that was mostly felt tip, so when I tried to glue over the door the ink reacted with the glue and turned in to a gooey stringy mess. I had to wash the door, all the ink came off, and I had to put it in the oven to dry.

Today we have also been painting, printing, and dabbing it is 12.05 and the dining-room looks normal once again. There have been butterflys  worlds, and hedgehogs on bridges and I got the ironing done with only five interruptions

When I get around to buying frames, I put my favorite paintings and drawings on the wall, if you look closely you can see The Clone’s first recognizable drawing it is a TARDIS. I have a pirate awaiting a nail, and I need to go on a frame buying expedition, but one day I will fill that wall with fun.

For now I must be off Crochet Widower is making me a tuna sandwich, TTFN, if you are bored remember predictive text turns cool in to book.

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