I wish I had the time

I crochet in public gasp and besides getting asked “What are you knitting?” the next annoying statement is “I would love to crochet but I just don’t have time”, this does rather imply that all I do is crochet from dawn to dusk. As a stay at home mum I have the luxury of doing my real job whilst crocheting, but just to allay the assumption that I crochet all day long I shall run through my typical day.



OK, lets go.

7.AM Rudely awakened by “resistance is futile” as my phone tells me it is time to get out of bed, on a bad day or weekend this can be as early as 5 AM to the sounds of “WAKE UP SISSA” or “MUMMY I NEED THE TOILET” as the toilet needing Hellion can manage this on her own I have no idea why the whole house needs waking but, hay that’s kids for ya’

Up to 7.30 am wash, dress, plat hair, and generally shout “HAVE YOU GOT insert item of clothing here ON YET CLONE?”, some mornings The Clone can manage to be washed and dressed before I am finished with Geek Girl MOST mornings she is still fighting with her underwear when Geek Girl is ready to go down stairs, and let’s not even mention the tights.

By 7.30 AM I expect to be making breakfast for The Hellions, this usually consists of cereal and a vitamin vitamins are needed if you only feed them once a week blueberry porridge is the breakfast of choice this week, Once The Hellions are eating I will go and get me dressed and quiff-ed this can lead to swearing usually to the accompaniment of “MUMMY so and so IS EATING MY BREAKFAST” this is actually a concerning sentence as Geek Girl is lactose intolerant but to save money The Clone get’s standard milk not the Lactose free stuff.

Up to about 8 AM I will be found making tea I am British you know and toast for the three of us, The Hellions only have the toast because I do, they didn’t used to have three breakfasts hang in there for number three but I got fed up of sharing mine every morning, seriously it’s like living with my mum all over again.

8 AM Finally I get to sit down and eat my breakfast, I usually check facebook and my emails at this point. I will have taken two maybe three bites of my toast before “can I have some grapes/apple/ banana/ice pop (?????)?”. I have to have my breakfast at 8 because I take blasted tablets an hour before food, never before in my life have I managed an hour before breakfast, it’s inhuman

8.15 AM “right, Clone get your shoes on, Geek Girl sit your bum down” and off we go on the morning fight to get out of the door for school. Now as you may be aware I am a touch on the organised side so there is non of that book hunting shoe locating malarkey around here but getting The Clone to put her shoes, coat and cardigan on in the correct order and on the correct body parts is a challenge in itself .

8.30 AM AT THE LATEST we are out of the door to school, this is a 5 min walk on my own but what with “crunching” every leaf we pass, and the hideously long wait for the green man, and the stopping in-case that is something interesting we generally get to school at 8.40, five min to spare.

9 AM back home for house work, this is an other example of my “organised” nature as each day involves the cleaning of a different room, Monday is the bathroom for example, and entails the moving of furniture  buckets of bleechy water, and scrubbing the floor on my hands and knees. Once the cleaning is done I will usually “help” Geek Girl tidy up what ever she has been playing with and…

By 10 am we are off out for what ever social engagement the day holds for Geek Girl, this again depends on the day, and does some times involve the creche at the gym. Some places I can sit and crochet with a coffee and chat with fellow mums but mostly these places expect you to interact with your child. pah.

12 ish is lunch time, Geek Girl will have sausage rolls and toast for ever meal if I let her, though being lactose intolerant the only sausage rolls I have found that she can have are Salisbury’s Basic frozen party sausage rolls. I will have an other poke at facebook and emails, wash the dishes, tidy up, sweep sausage roll pastry off the floor, then…

usually about 1 I will fold and iron the laundry, swear at Crochet Widowers work shirts because they are the only thing I can’t iron on “melt your face” setting and keep forgetting.

Woo hoo 2 PM, brew and a bicky, bit of a hooking session. breath.

Now with a bit of luck Crochet Widower will do the school run so I can get a bit of blogging/pattern formatting/hooking done.

The rest of the day until 7.30 is a frenzy of shared jobs to get food cooked and in The Hellions, get the a fore mentioned Hellions bathed and in PJs and staring blankly at the TV. Geek Girl goes to bed at 7 PM and The Clone gets an extra half an hour

So by 8 PM I am in my PJs with a tub of hummus, some crackers and 2 hours of TV and hooking ahead of me.

If you see some one knitting or crocheting in public they are usually doing it there because they are waiting for something like an appointment or bus/train and it is the only time they have in the day to partake in their relaxing hobby, and when they are at Wimbledon remember that tennis does not take an entire brain to watch.


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