And the little one said "Roll over"

As you may be aware Crochet Widower worked nights. You may not know that if these nights fall on a Saturday The Clone asks to sleep in my bed. Now and again, when I have an emotion, I say yes. Last night was one of those nights if the hellions live to regret it I’ll be very much surprised. It started well, both Hellions went straight to sleep with no shenanigans

 As I lay in my bed looking at my beautiful babies quickly glossing over the “snores like a warthog” aspect I am over come with a new emotion, LOVE, oh how I love my wonderful angels, with their little button noses, and knobbly chins, and soft hair even the warthog snoring. As I sit in a slightly creepy manor staring the little loves Geek Girl sat up, looked around, stroked my face and fell asleep hugging me. mmmmmmmm

OMWW how can an under three stone child push a double figure stone grown woman out of the bed, that cute cuddle turned in to a full force attack on my person, I had half of my body DEPTH worth of bed and that child never stops moving. The Clone was snug and safe all the way over the other side of the king sized bed, but I was only in the bed because my forehead was jammed against the bedside cabinet.

After a brief interlude from my perilous cliff side snooze to find “Gla Gla” The Clones best friend, and a dummy/pacifier hunt The Clone decided to join us in the four inches of bed I had previously had to my self. I was at this point tempted to simply go around the bed to the other side of the bed, I was spared getting out in to the cold night by Geek Girl demanding “Sisser move up” loud enough to wake the neighbors.

For much of the remainder of the night I lay praying for a coma or some such with Geek Girl’s feet jammed in my back. So when The Clone started asking what time it was, and if I would turn the light on so she could read, and where her hot water bottle was, and if I could see “Gla Gla”, and what time it was, and can we get up, it was some what of a relief to with bleary eyes to at least have my personal body space back.

Today The Hellions will be painting salt dough decorations and I will be drinking buckets of coffee and having an early night. I will probably do it all again in a couple of months when the bruises heal and I experience another emotion, until then Crochet Widower is working tonight as well so I will lie in a dialing and make the most of the space.

TTFN, if you can’t be good don’t blame me

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