No more craft fairs, well since you asked nicely

 About eighteen months ago some friends and I set off on a magical journey. We had seen a flyer in a local haberdashers advertising a local craft fair and thought it would be a good idea. This turned out to be a disastrous affair fraught with bad communication and a personal grudge. Itchy to the rescue sort of. I found a local fair at last minuet, we stood in the rain all day but we made a small profit and had fun.

Our next attempt was dryer, warmer, and more profitable. I had complained to the venue of the non starter craft fair about the communication problems, glossing over the personal aspect. This compliant lead to an invitation to participate in an arts and crafts event in our local museum. An old friend was selling his art at this event and he gave me some funny ideas for new projects, and one day I’ll get around to them.

 We did a couple more fairs and I began to get a little disheartened, I noticed once the initial excitement passed that people were sneering at my work and muttering about being able to buy the same thing in supermarkets for half the price. At this point you need to be vary proud of me because I did not hit a single person or poke any one with a 2mm crochet hook my 2mm is a blue one, I tried to explain as much as I could to people that all my items are hand made but it went over their heads.

 Labels with fiber content and price on the individual items, that’ll help  they’ll be able to get a better idea of the quality. ye THAT worked, at the last craft fair I attended I did not even make the pitch money. The whole day I had an ear infection and felt like rubbish and I paid for the privilege. So I decided “No more craft fairs, I’ll concentrate on patterns”

Here I am, all packed up for a craft fair, with more in the calender  What can you do when a friend says “and it’s for charity”? I have not cone mental building new stock there is plenty left, I have, however, made a small informational poster click on the picture to read it explaining that all crochet is hand made. Again you should be glowing with pride as I did not include “and if you can buy it for half the price then do so, but remember it was probably made by a small child in a developing country”

I know this has not been as amusing as usual but with the spate of “buy hand made” posts on facebook I have got a bit of a bee in my bonnet about people thinking hand made should be as cheep as machine made, I mean look at those hands, LOOK AT THEM, worked to the bone they are but at least my feet are unused. Must be off to get the last bits sorted, and fill the flask for coffee. TTFN

2 thoughts on “No more craft fairs, well since you asked nicely

  1. I Have another fair next weekend, I'm hoping it'll change my mind. The one I was heading out to when I wrote this cost me money and involved mold


  2. so beautifully put, and yes still very amusing, I love your passion for your work …& yes craft fairs can be hard work …but your handmade goodies need to be touched…held and loved…& that my dear cannot be done on line..;-) xx


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