The end of the book

Daddy’s clone 

 First things first, Crochet Widower works twelve hour night shifts so on Tuesday when I had a hospital appointment he had been awake eighteen hours and sleep was not in his immediate future as Geek Girl needed looking after. I thought “things are a bit quiet around here” while I was checking some emails in the spare five minuets I had before setting off for my appointment  I turned around to see Crochet Widower asleep after being tucked in by Geek Girl, Geek Girl was awake at this point just having a cuddle whilst watching CBeebies.

Arrrgh, a giant ginger chin 

My appointment was at eleven AM, so I get to the hospital with about fifteen minuets to spare, book in and sit down. Out came the crocheting, after the obligatory “ooh arn’t you clever?” comments to which I managed not to reply “no I’m just not thick” I settled in to the flow of the Nate neck warmer, while I crocheted like the wind I listened to the admin lady make an appointment with the hospital hairdresser then find some one to swap lunch with her so she could go to the appointment  A nurse cam in a started raiding the “sweety” draw hob nobs are better for a busy day, the calories last longer and a lady came in in tears only to discover half an hour later that she had miss understood and everything was in fact fine

I was sat crocheting waiting for my appointment for an hour and the patient booked in for twenty minuets AFTER my appointment was seen before me but this did give me time to finish the neck warmer quicker than I would have because you can not crochet at the gym. So with the completion of the Nate neck warmer I have done all the hats, gloves, and scarves I intend to do Crochet Widower says “until next year” so my E-book hats and scarves and mittens oh my
As with all my patterns also available in US terms is full and with eleven patterns the book is a bargain at £6.

So for now Ancestors blessings and a happy Samhain 


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