THIS is Hallowe’en

I am a huge fan of Hallowe’en and dressing up in general, I am however not particularly good at pumpkin carving though the stew was delicious but every year I try and I am getting better, you can see a face in this one. Every year I start planning next Hallowe’en directly after and some times during this years festivitys.

This year I decided on a rare “couples” costume, I do not generaly go for couples costumes as I want  NEED to stand out, I want all the attention dag nab it. Let me introduce The Joker and Harley Quinn

This year was saved from coupledum and became “Themed”  by the lovely and talented Rae who is one of my best friends and a fellow hooker, With the cunning use of pritstick she managed to make a costume with out sacrificing the ONLY green dress she has ever liked.

 I am not known for my skills with a camera, and on my rather lacking phone camera I did a poor job of Photographing the OTHER Joker and Harley, but as if to compensate I managed to take quite a good photo of the only bar staff in costume we saw all night

On our travels through Warrington town center in pursuit of somewhere to go dancing we saw many sights, including; a giant ginger bread man, Sweeney Todd, Captain Jack Sparrow, Harvey Two Face I think, and a crocodile having a wee NEXT TO a post box. The Crocodile was spotted through the window of the pub and was not using the post box to hide his “equipment” but rather as a wind breaker, so we could see everything. Being mature and responsible we obviously banged on the window and waived out little fingers at him, her ran off to catch his friends up.

We never did go dancing but we played pool badly, ate pumpkin stew, twice, Rae fell over “because the floor is wet” ahem, had a sleep over, got very confused by the clocks changing, got disowned my sister because The Hellions Woke her up ah four thirty, and ate more stew. So all in all a good night off, I just need to get all these knots out of my still green hair. I’ll blog about the knitters I found next week as I got distracted by dressing up and forgot to do it this week. TTFN, keep on hooking


2 thoughts on “THIS is Hallowe’en

  1. May i add that the floor was wet and my fabulous purple wedges have NO GRIP!!! Hence the slippy slip! (Which resulted in a bruise on the heel of my hand… ouchy!)
    Oh and Joker stew…. nom nom nom 🙂


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