The Creative process

I have been asked many times about my creative process, OK no one has ever asked but I thought I should document it because, well look at THAT face, the possibility that I will forget is very plausible.

Firstly I think about a pattern for a couple of months (here is why). By the time I sit down with hook in hand I have usually worked out the maths involved.

First things first, I assemble my equipment  I chose the best yarn for the job, an appropriate hook, a pen, and my amazing note book made by beluga crafts, look at it it has the joker on it there is a hint there if you know what you are looking for.

Now I put my feet up, because I’m too short to reach the floor when I sit back on our chesterfield, and hook like the wind. At some point, usually right at the end, I will notice the numbers are slightly off or I have stitched wrong at some early stage and a frogging is required. To frog your work is to unravel it, you “rip it, rip it, rip it”, this act invariably leads to a puddle of yarn vomit, just visible in this picture if you look closely.

If a pattern section is taking particularly long, or if I get distracted by the WWW things can get a touch “interesting” in my house. If I let a pattern (or the WWW) get the better of me I can miss that tell tile sign of trouble QUIET KIDS, and this can happen ——>
If you click on the photo it makes it bigger and you can play “spot the kids”

Now a common problem I have is size. Being a SAHM I don’t see many people all my friends live in the computer now medium sized ladies accessories are not a problem, but I am going to have to stop The Hellions growing soon or I will never be able to make kids things again.
When I was designing the skater dress there was an awful lot of trying on in soft play centers and the gym

Today I discovered a new problem, Crochet Widower has exceptionally feminine hands, not bad if he was to peruse a career as a pianist bit trick to display man sized gloves.

That’s about it really, the size of the item dictates how long it will take and my shoddy computer skills usually mean that the mere act of typing the instructions out takes longer than making the thing in the first place

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