Domestic bliss

Today’s domestic achievements are brought to you by Nanma and Granddads apple tree. While I was peeling the pile of apples pilfered off my in-laws I was reminded of the chickens my mum kept when I was a child and got a little nostalgic for feeding the apple peelings to them and collecting eggs in the morning. In the real world I am not such a fan of chickens they are a creepy though necessary throwback to the dinosaurs, and would regularly torture frogs.

After skilfully assembling all the ingredients for apple crumble The Hellions were given glue and “bits” and were abandoned to their own devices while I got a bit done on the blasted afghan, I have two small squares to go before I will be forced to make a decision as to whether to make it square or rectangular  I am however leaning towards the rectangle as it will then be roughly single bed sized so can be classed as multi functional

 Meanwhile… The Clone was making an Easter card, this can only be explained by the presence of chicks in the gluing “bits” box as it is October and to be seasonal on would expect spooky things. After a mere half an hour of this I checked on The Hellions, Geek Girl had tissue paper wrapped around her legs and arms and The Clone had things glued to the front of her dress. I was informed that they were “making a carnival” so fled to the kitchen to retrieve the apple crumble

Ta da, three small crumbles for Crochet Widower and The Hellions and one large one for The Hookers minus one for a birthday Pink Plonk Monday.

“Oooh, mummy has got the sweetness just right” Crochet Widower

“Lovely Jubely apple crumble” The Clone

“Don’t like it” Geek Girl

Well you can’t please all the people…

Off to make a decision on the afgahn, TTFN.


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