Siblings, spouses, and shenanigans

So on Thursday bed time I received this text off my Baby Bro He’s 25 and currently on a train to Transylvania “How much do you want to do one of them bunny things to look like a snoopy on acid sorta thing. Before Hallowe’en? or is it too much to ask?” As it was bedtime I told him I would look in to it in the morning, also as it was bedtime it was the last thing I thought about before going to sleep. Being the loving sister that I am and having a yarn issue I set to on Friday afternoon, today (Saturday) lunch time I had finished and managed to take a photo of him on the shed roof we don’t have a kennel 

Now, I love Crochet Widower to bits. He is everything I could ask for in a man, Good cook, handy with a drill, bald, and above all quiet. But I am quite sure he is trying to see me off in the most alarming fashion. You see, the book shelf in our bathroom is directly next to the sink, and with the way Crochet Widower has positioned his current book I am scowled at by CLARKSON of all people. I have nothing against the man unless I have to listen to his voice but to see his grumpy face while I am brushing my teeth is simply too much to bear 
On to the shenanigans  like all mothers I feel my kids are the most beautiful  intelligent  children to walk the earth. I also think they are hell bent on my destruction and as soon as The Clone can use a tin opener she can already make sandwiches they’ll finish the job.

The Clone, I shall explain, is wise beyond her years and has a vocabulary better than most adults, but does not have the best fine motor skills. This does not come as a surprise to anyone as she is not called The Clone for nothing. She has however recently discovered the joys of lego something I personally never got the hang of  and today built a gym, the workout equipment is on the left, swimming pool on the right and a house in the background.

Geek Girl, so named because at two she strolled in to the livingroom saw Star Trek on the TV and announced “Star Trek” and sat on my foot stool. Not the most talkative child in the world Daddy’s girl but has always had the fine motor skills of a model builder. Here she is using a ruler to draw on the chalk board, whilst singing “wiggy wonka, chocolate bar”

That’s really all I have for the moment, I am trying to get this afghan done now the yarn has arrived, I have about fifteen patterns in my head the I need to make up and write down, but what with siblings, spouses, and shenanigans there is always something more fun/important/desirable to be doing. TTFN


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