Craft Crisis

Today started off with such promise, The Hellions who are not know to sleep in let me stay in bed until eight. Neither of them asked to watch Doctor Who with in the first half an hour of waking, and lego was not posted in to any piece of technology. So I thought “I’ll sit nicely and get a goodly portion of this afghan done”

 “Not so fast hooker” replied the fates, it transpires I grossly underestimated the amount of grey yarn needed to finish the blasted thing. This situation lead to a frantic WWW search for the correct shade of yarn, I am blaming Crochet Widower for the fact that it took me an hour as he chose the shade and it seems it is quite a rare shade at that.

Meanwhile, I am partaking in a spot of sewing. I have until a week on Saturday to make a knee length coat and cover a corset for my Halloween costume. “that’s ages” I hear you cry, yes it would be but I am really bad at sewing not as bad as I am at photography though. I have managed to get as far as a jacket with no collar, and have now got no idea how to sew the sleeves together. I feel I may have done things in the wrong order and the sleeves are going to need hand sewing.

“How does a hooker cheer herself up after such a day?” you wonder, well I have been dying for the time to try out this—>
granny square pattern, the colors look better in person but I am rather happy with how they are looking. Just to add to the happy feeling when I was conversing with Crochet Widower and I admitted to not knowing what I was going to make with them The Clone stated “I know but I’m not telling any of you three” I have a psychic kid, who knew?

I apologize for the quality of the photos in this blog, I was left alone with the camera, and it is dark outside.


2 thoughts on “Craft Crisis

  1. Ahhhhh, its a surprise.

    I have managed to sew the sleeves to the body but I have sewn the lining to the outside and now can't sew the cuff lining and outside together. I will blog all about my adventures with MIL's sewing machine when I have finished


  2. ok will try this again. When putting in sleeves – it is much easier to set sleeves with pins BEFORE you sew the seams on either the sleeves or blouse or shirt. I find I get a nicer more even sleeve set also.

    What are you going to be?


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