24 hour party people

Due to the children related ness of this post there are no photographs to protect the guilty of coarse 

OMWW, kids, pah

Today The Clone went to her school friends sixth birthday party, it was a perilous adventure to say the least. I may be biased due to my total dislike for people and particularly children, you be the judge.

Bouncy castle, twenty kids, sugar.
                       There were limbs every where, screams that could have been joy but equally they could have been broken limbs, two kids would pile on the thing and one would roll off crying mummy. My child came over crying that she had hurt her back, as the loving caring parent that I am I asked if we needed to go home we had been there less than five min “yes mummy”, I made her sit on my knee for a bit, off she ran again to the very same  bouncy castle that had caused such injury in the first place.

Pinata, blindfold, stick
                      I really could not see a happy ending to this one, the pinata was so tough that even after all the children and beat the thing to with in a n inch of its life it was still intact, geek girl did do a magnificent job of hitting it an nearly caught it in the face on the rebound. I am, however, convinced that spinning the kids then pointing them directly at the pinata kind of defeated the object of spinning them to start with.
                      Eventually the strings at the bottom were pulled, sweets and toys tumbled were shook out, queue elbows, and knees deployed to get at the goodies.

Pass the parcel, stereo in a different room, me in charge of the music.
                      This could not end well, this game never does. To be fare the parent in question had put a prize in every layer of parcel, fortunately this led to the problem of “I have a prize I’m paying no attention” so the parcel did not get passed very well after the first couple of goes. As it turns out the whole thing was a fix any way, I was doing the music and The Clone won, she was trying very hard to pass the parcel but the boys she was passing to had sweets so were not paying attention.

Sweets, cakes, buffet style
                      Now I am not a health nut “No sweets EVER” kind of mum but even I can see bad things happening when you lay sweets and cake out like a buffet. Even The Clone, who is usually ever so polite in public, got a little carried away when handed a bag and was told to “help your self” and I had to say “just one” in my I mean it voice when she started grabbing hand fulls of lolly pops with no care for the others in the queue.

More bouncy castle
                  Really? after all that sugar? you can clean up then.

Happily for me I was able to sit and work on the current project an afghan while all this was going on apart from the pass the parcel and as we left I was told twice that The Clone had impeccable manners, this does make me wonder about the manors of others and I do point out that she only behaves in such a good way in public, that I beat her regularly, or that I feed her fortnightly to keep her docile thankfully no one has believed me yet and called social services. So a great time was had by all
    So for now I will leave you in favour of the Saturday late night treat TV with The Clone and crocheting TTFN

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