I procrastinate, and I thank Sabrina the teenage witch for telling me that is what I’m doing. My real problem is repetition, I do not like to repeat myself AT ALL. Whether I am speaking or doing even the idea of doing things more than once makes me find some other more important job to do, like setting up a blog, google+ account, and google+ page for (a self promoting) example.

The main example of my tendency to procrastinate is the latch hook rug, it will be a beautiful black and white rug for my living room. The living room in question no longer belongs to me and is probably no longer black and white. you see I started this rug when I was single, I met my husband ten years ago, got married five years ago and have two interesting children. One day I will have a minimalist black and white living room, with a beautiful black and white latch hook rug, until then my 1970’s craft bag is out of commission

When I am faced with repetition that simply must be done I split the work, so for example I have been commissioned to make four Nate hats and an afghan. So in order to avoid too much procrastination I am working one ball or the Afghan yarn then making a hat. Right now I am about a quarter of the way through the last hat and have two balls of the afghan left to do, and what am I doing? I’m poking at the internet and getting absolutely nothing productive done at all.

I also need to finish sewing my Halloween costume, now my sewing machine is a singer and has a hand crank but since I am doing a big job and my sewing machine is haunted I have borrowed my mother in laws. It is electric but (and this is the important bit) does not have a foot peddle, you just push a button and off it goes. This machine scares me I use string and a stick in my daily work all this computerization frightens me.


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