Hi, and welcome to my world


Some of you may recognize this frog, most of you will be thinking “Why am I looking at a frog in a life preserver?” Well the story starts a long time ago what my mum taught me to crochet, I made a knee length shawl and left it at that until the birth of my first child (The Clone) and suddenly I was at home watching TV in the evening rather than in the pub having polite conversation.

My Mother in law told me about Amigurumi and my love of crochet was reborn, I bought this book and never looked back.

Shortly after I rediscovered my love of crochet my mother in law was taken ill and had to spend some time in hospital, on her bedside table sat an amigurumi cat I have made for my sister in law. The nurses loved this cat and all wanted one, so over the course of time all the nurses got an amigurumi animal. Now, I find it difficult to  make the same thing over and over so I started playing with the pattern, this frog was the first heavily modified creature I made and sparked my desire to write patterns. Somewhere in Warrington a nurse has an Itchy Crochet original and has no idea it is worth literally PENCE.

Since then I have been pattern writing, yarn bombing, craft fairing, making, creating, arting I know not a real word, and generally crochet every spare minuet I can find.


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